What if the key to having the best year you and I have ever had, is not the adding of something new, but doing the things that we currently do better. What if we were able to level up in the things we already do?

3 Ways to Love our Enemies.

It seems like there are forces everywhere trying to make people hate each other, use each other, attack each other, and divide from each other! It’s so easy to become enemies!

How to be more Effective… Get SMART!

If you want to be effective, at home, at work, at the gym, at school, at church, in your community, then you need to develop a routine.

I Got 99 Problems, Politics Ain’t 1!

“I don’t have time for politics. There is a mission, and that is to save lives,”

Stop Misquoting the Bible!

In times of tragedy, people like to quote the Bible.

Deep Love = Serving

Deep Love Serves one another. If you aren’t serving one another, you aren’t deeply loving them.

Unique Love

For us to lead well in ministry it must come from the overflow, and that begins with knowing you are uniquely loved.

Keep Calm and Carry On

I think if we Handle life’s transition with a sense of expectancy we just might be able to keep calm and carry on!