Stitches Not Band-aids

I was placing a welcome flag in the ground one Saturday evening before church and I cut my hand on a sharp piece of metal as I placed the pole in the ground. I walked back inside to find my wife who i knew would point me in the right direction to get a band-aid.

She looked at my hand, she looked at me, and said “you need stitches not a band-aid”. Whatever, I don’t have the time to got to quick care wait, be seen, go through the pain on getting stitches, then having to go back to follow up and have then taken out.

NO! I just need a band-aid, and I will be fine. My wife said ok, it’s your hand, it can get infected, it will leave a scar, but what do I know, I’m just a nurse here is your band-aid.FullSizeRender

Now i have learned my lesson, when your wife, “the nurse” tells you to get stitches, get stitches. I have also notice that we take this approach in other areas of our lives as well. We are prone to grab the band-aid, the quick fix solution over the longer more thorough method of the stitches in our daily lives.

We can want, our family, our friends, our pastor, our church, even Jesus to just slap a band-aid on our problems instead of getting the stitches we need. This takes time. This takes investment.

We need to be stitched people in a band-aid world.

I had a great conversation with a friend and mentor who was a full-time pastor for many years and now he is consulting. He was telling me that he got a call from an unknown number a few weeks ago, he took it. On the phone a lady said hello Pastor, this shocked him because he has not been called “Pastor in 6 years.

He said yes, and the lady said yeah you might not remember me but 8 years ago you help me get a new radiator for my car, and yeah I have still been looking for a church but just wanted to know if you could help me agin. This lady was looking for help, she called for help, she was looking for a band-aid, she needed stitches.

This ladies story is not unique, it has been my story, it has been your story, maybe it is yours right now. We need help, we need community, but only for emergency.
See band-aids are for emergencies, small emergencies, stitches are for the long term. Stitches takes time. If this lady would have found community, people to live and do life with she would not have been calling a stranger she meet 8 years ago.

My heart breaks because we have people all around us dying from flesh wounds, and paper cuts, that can easily be treated if they only had the time. Time to invest. Time to be real. Time to join. time to be known.

Time to deal with the pain growing in a healthy community. The pain of allowing others to walk along side as the antiseptic of a life done together through the power of Jesus Christ cleanses and heals there wounds.

It’s not easy. Its not fun. What is? I choses stitches over band-aids!

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