I Got 99 Problems, Politics Ain’t 1!

“I don’t have time for politics. There is a mission, and that is to save lives,” said Mayor Cruz, regarding the Devastation in Puerto Rico in the wake of the hurricane.

There is a time for politics, to argue for policy change, to vote on and discuss the best ways to move forward in government and as a country. Now is not the time. Now is not the time to pass blame on who should have done what, or where better leadership should have come from.  Not now, it is not the time.

Vegas is not a platform to spread your views for or against gun laws. There is a time and place for this. Now is not the time.

As follower of Christ, we to can find ourself playing the polical blame game. Instead of seeing our mission as a mission to save lives and offer hope to the world, we too can get stuck in the mud of playing politics. Pandering more to pundits than to God.

Our world is crying out, reaching out, begging for answers, looking for a way forward. We can miss the opportunity to add value, offer hope, point to an all sufficient savior, or we can continue to stay stuck, divided, and ineffective playing politics.

Like Mayor Cruz, I ain’t got time to play politics, we are on mission and lives are at stake!

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