Keep Calm and Carry On

This phrase has been around since 1939, it was designed to be used as a last resort during war time in Europe. If at anytime invasion was evident then the poster would be hung all around town to offer hope to encourage people to keep calm and carry on. It is because of it simply yet profound message that the phrase has become so popular today, with so many ups and downs so many curve balls being thrown at us, it’s good to be reminded to keep calm and carry on.

The thing is our life is never really going to be calm, new job, new kid, new state, new husband new wife, our lives will always be in flux and keeping calm can seem like a pipe dream. There must be a way to navigate the transitions we all face, are facing, will face in the future and get out relatively unscathed right?

My psych 102 class taught me that we either make mid course corrections or mid life crisis, our choice we are going to have to deal with one or the other. That’s what change management is all about. Finding the right time and placed to make mid course corrections so we don’t find ourselves in crisis.

I think if we Handle life’s transition with a sense of expectancy we just might be able to keep calm and carry on!

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